Frequently Requested Permits

Moving Permits:

Anyone who moves into, out of or within Lower Towamensing Township must obtain a moving permit from the Township Secretary. The cost of a moving permit is $5.00.  Failure in obtaining a moving permit could result in a fine of $600.00. Landlords are responsible for reporting when tenants are moving into, within, or out of the Township.

Zoning and Building Permits:

These permits are required for structures, fencing, pools, additions, etc. Contact the Zoning Officer/ Building Code Official Mr. Duane Dellecker with any questions you may have and for more information. Please call Mr. Dellecker prior to commencing any activities.

Occupancy Permits:

These permits are required for any newly constructed home in order to move into the newly constructed building.

Driveway Permits:

Township Ordinance #135 requires a permit prior to installing a driveway onto any Township road. If the driveway is proposed on a State Highway, a permit is required through PennDOT.

Firework Permits:

These permits are required before any fireworks can be displayed or performed within the Township.

House Number Requirements:

Township Ordinance #121 requires all homes within the Township to have a house number displayed, which is fully visible from the opposite side of the road, unless the home is not visible from the roadway, then the resident must have the home number located at their driveway to their residence. There is a $300.00 fine for non-compliance of this ordinance. Please display your house number so that our emergency services providers can find your home easily in a emergency.

For information on other permit requirements or ordinances please contact the Township Secretary for more information at (610) 826-2522.