Sewage Planning

Under the authority of Act 537, the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, each municipality within the Commonwealth is responsible to prepare, adopt and submit an Official Sewage Facilities Plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) for approval. The Plan must address existing and future projected sewage disposal needs, and correct and prevent problems through proper planning, ordinance adoption, permitting, and design of all types of sewage facilities.

Over the past several years Lower Towamensing Township has aggressively pursued obtaining approval of an Official Sewage Facilities Plan Update Revision for our community. The updated Plan concentrates on providing a sewage collection and conveyance system for several areas of need within the Township. Carbon Engineering Inc. is the firm handling the preparation of the updated Plan and its implementation. After numerous submissions and reviews conducted by the PA DEP, the Township has finally received notification of our updated Plan approval. The following is a brief description of the major points contained within the Plan.

Public Sewage Collection Facilities

The 'Lower Towamensing Sewage System' will be comprised of gravity lines, manholes, and pump stations with their associated force mains. The system will serve the Aquashicola (A), Walkton (W), Little Gap (LG), Red Hill Road (RHR) and Weiner Mobile Estates (WME) sections of the Township. The portion of the system serving A, W, and LG will be conveyed to and treated at the Blue Mountain Ski Area (BMSA) Wastewater Treatment Plant (owned and operated by the Tuthill Corporation) which will need to be upgraded. The portion of the system serving RHR and WME will connect to the Palmerton collection system and be treated at the Palmerton Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant. This chosen alternative is designated within the Plan as "Alternative # 1". A preliminary layout of the system can be found on the drawings included with the Plan.

Private Onlot Sewage Disposal Systems

The Plan requires the adoption of an 'Onlot Sewage Management Program Ordinance' for all properties within the Township outside of the designated "Service Area" of the 'Lower Towamensing Sewage System'. This ordinance will require pumping and inspections of septic tanks and the presentation of receipts and statements to the Township. Residents will be notified upon the adoption of the ordinance and be directed when pumping and inspections are required.

A copy of the entire approved updated Plan (consisting of 8 loose-leaf folders and 37 D-size (22" x 34") drawings) can be reviewed at the Township Building. For further information and questions regarding our updated Plan please contact our office at (610) 826-2522 or click here to email.

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